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Be Bold | Everyday

Contemporary Jewellery for Individualists

Lightweight statement jewellery handcrafted from balsa wood and oxidized sterling silver.

Easy to wear but hard to ignore.

easy to wear but hard to ignore

Unique conceptual jewellery developed  into small collections and limited editions with bold and edgy pieces. Carefully hand-carved from balsa wood and meticulously coated in various materials, from 24kt gold leaf to various pigments and paints, each piece is one-of-a-kind with each facet, bump, scratch or texture making up its unique character.

Michelle Kraemer_working_1

Process & Materials

I have a passion for large jewellery and with the use of balsa wood, I can create bold statement pieces that are nearly weightless and a pleasure to wear.

News & Events

custom made silver bracelet with a black balsa wood drop shape - michelle kraemer jewellery

Textured bracelet


CHAOS @ Melting Point Valencia 2018

Extra large facetted wood earrings - top half black and bottom half in 24k gold leaf - michelle kraemer jewellery

XL black & gold earrings

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