custom jewellery

XL earrings in black and gold

XL black and gold earrings custom made for my mother in law. I really enjoy working together with my customers to create these extra special pieces. Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of most of my jewellery, they are always an interpretation of my own imagination of the material and colour combination. But I am always open to the wishes of my customers, to see their own unique interpretations of my pieces.

Pearl Earrings for stretched lobes

Simple, elegant dangling pearls with a mechanism for stretched earlobes. 


nebulous cufflinks

blue galaxy cufflinks with oxidised silver - michelle kraemer jewellery
irregular cufflinks - balsa wood and oxidized silver - michelle kraemer

golden coconut

gold plated coconut shell with black onyx beads and oxidized silver necklace - michelle kraemer jewellery
round coconut shell with 24kt gold leaf on silver chain - michelle kraemer jewellery

Slices of coconut shell refined with 24kt gold-leaf, in combination with silver and glass beads. 

coconut fragment earclips - black and gold - michelle kraemer jewellery
side view - coconut fragment earclips - black and gold - michelle kraemer jewellery
pointy coconut shell earrings - michelle kraemer jewellery
pointy coconut shell earrings with oxidized silver studs - michelle kraemer jewellery

Anna's Wedding Necklace

elegant and edgy wedding necklace - balsa wood, pearls, white gold leaf, lace - micchelle kraemer jewellery
wedding jewellery  - michelle kraemer jewellery

This is a necklace I made for a very good friend of mine. She wanted something different for her wedding,

so we decided to take some left over fabric from her dress to incorporate into the necklace,so she can wear

a part of her wedding dress also after the wedding, like a wearable memory.

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