“It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.” – Hiromu Arakawa

CHAOS, an exhibition organised by ALLIAGES and curated by Jorge Manilla and Juan Riusech. This exhibition has already been shown in Lille, France & Munich, Germany. It will also be shown during the Melting Point Jewelry Week from Thursday April 26th to Saturday April 28th.

Peris Roca Orfebres | Carrer Bosseria 31, 46001 Valencia | Spain

I’m proud to present, for the third time, the following three pieces with this travelling exhibition.

large blue necklace - hand carved balsawood, blue pigments and varnish, handmade silver chain - michelle kraemer jewellery
Contemprary Jewellery - big reg ring, carved balsa wood, pigments and cast sterling silver - michelle kraemer jewellery
contemporary necklace with 4 carved balsawood pieces - purple, textured surface - michelle kraemer jewellery

The Universe

all of time and space,  from the vast contents of intergalactic space,  to the smallest subatomic particles

all matter,  all energy

where time began

everything that exists,  everything that has ever existed,  everything that will ever exist

every atom of me and you,  produced in the heart of a dying star

from the chaos of creation, to the chaos of my imagination

transformed into an expression of my own imagined reality


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