have you got the guts?

have you got the guts?

Skin – the barrier between our self and the world.


Worn outside of this barrier, these pieces become like an extension to our self.

Like adding a protective layer to our self or slipping into someone else’s skin, mimic of reality or the chance to be someone else.

Or like the phrase “being thin skinned”, meaning being sensitive and in need of a thicker skin, or protective layer.


Being inspired by the body itself, they create a sense of confusion in us. Fascination and disgust, they are in a way a part of us,

but at the same time they are like a disfigurement that we catch ourselves staring at.

Like a repressed feeling that materializes in form of a growth or a tumor, for us to carry with us.


We can’t seem to help looking at things that horrify us, we are drawn to them, we want to stare and even to touch.

In a way it is to understand, in another way it is to reassure ourselves that it’s not us. 

relieve me

Usually Handstones are objects with a soothing quality. Their size allows them to fit comfortably in your hand and their smooth surface and rounded edges give off a feeling of comfort, rubbing them is believed to lessen your worries, create feelings of calmness and reduce stress levels. Being carved from soapstone, these objects feel cold to begin with but slowly take the heat from the body, and interact with the „wearer“. 

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