Touchy Feely @ The Baltimore Jewelry Centre - April 14 - June 2, 2017

I'm happy to announce that my necklace 'have you got the guts' has been included in the exhibition Touchy / Feely at the Baltimore Jewelry Centre from April 14 - June 2 . 

detail of 'have you got the guts' necklace by contemporary jewellery artist Michelle Kraemer
balsa wood and latex necklace - have you got the guts? - Michelle Kraemer

invitation for Touchy-Feely exhibition at the Baltimore Jewelry Centre
invitation for Touchy-Feely exhibition at the Baltimore Jewelry Centre, backside

'Touchy / Feely is an exhibition that explores the tactile experience of jewelry. Adam Gopnik writes "Touch is the unsung sense--the one that we depend on most and talk about the least... the work of the world is done by handling it. We live by feel." Jewelry is an intimate and sensual art form, providing a tactile experience for both the wearer and the observer. It's an excellent medium for exploring the unsung sense of touch. Touchy / Feely highlights work that engages the sense of touch, exploring texture and form in ways that invite the viewer to touch the object, whether from a sense of attraction, intrigue, curiosity, or repulsion.'

This statement hit the spot exactly for me, as this has been an underlying theme in my work for a few years now and it fact it all started with the 'have you got the guts' collection; an exploration into skin, touch, attraction and repulsion.

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